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John Hancock's credentials include our demonstrated financial strength. John Hancock is among the highest-rated companies for financial strength and claims paying abilities, as judged by the major rating agencies.

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A fixed annuity is a long-term contract between you and your insurance company that can provide you income that is guaranteed* to last as long as you need it.

Benefits of a fixed annuity:

  • Designed to provide a safe investment with guaranteed fixed interest rates.
  • Principal and interest are guaranteed if held for the length of the guarantee period.
  • Competitive rates and the ability to earn more with higher interest rates if your initial premium falls within certain dollar amounts.

You can customize the income stream to fit your personal needs.
For instance:

  • You can receive income for life.
  • You can receive income for a specific time period (such as 10 or 20 years).
  • You can create a payout schedule that is based on two lives: you and your spouse. 

The income stream is based on a fixed interest rate to provide steady and dependable payments.

With a fixed annuity, the money grows tax deferred and is distributed in the “payout” phase when the deferred investment is converted into an income stream.

Annuities provide you with a unique advantage–income for life. The amount of income you receive will be based on several factors including the value of your annuity, your age, and the type of annuity option you choose.

Fixed annuities are tax-deferred, subject to contingent deferred sales charges and possible consequences upon early withdrawal.

Guarantees are dependent on the claims-paying ability of the issuer.

Comments on taxation are based on John Hancock’s understanding of current tax law, which is subject to change. Please consult your tax advisor for guidelines specific to your situation.


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Annuities are issued and administered by John Hancock Life Insurance Company (U.S.A.), Boston, MA, 02116 which is not licensed in New York. John Hancock Distributors LLC, member FINRA, is the principal underwriter and an affiliate of the insurance companies.