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John Hancock's credentials include our demonstrated financial strength. John Hancock is among the highest-rated companies for financial strength and claims paying abilities, as judged by the major rating agencies.

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Variable annuities offer a standard death benefit feature of principal at death. However, you can opt to elect the Annual Step-Up Death Benefit for an additional fee, and capture potential gains for your beneficiaries by "locking in" a higher contract value on each contract anniversary up to age 75.

Annual Step-Up Death Benefit Highlights

  • Locks in potential market gains on each contract anniversary.

  • Passes the highest of those gains to your beneficiaries (prior to annuitization).

  • Is available for an additional asset-based fee of 0.30% annually.

  • Can only be elected at issue and is irrevocable.

  • The guarantees are backed by the claims-paying ability of John Hancock Life Insurance Company (U.S.A.).

If the owner's death occurs prior to annuitization, then beneficiaries will receive the greatest of:

  • The contract value on the date the death is reported to John Hancock.
  • The total of all payments into the contract, reduced proportionately for withdrawals.
  • The highest value the contract attained on any contract anniversary up to the year the owner attained age 75.

Ask your financial advisor how the Annual Step-Up Death Benefit might fit into your personal retirement strategy with Venture Annuities. They can help assess your individual needs and evaluate whether this optional benefit is appropriate for you.

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