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Before you get started:

  • Is your contract eligible for electronic submission?
    Electronic submission is not available for the following scenarios:
    - The contract is owned by a non-natural entity, except trust owned contracts. 
       This includes custodian contracts.

    - The amount of the withdrawal is $100,000 or greater.
    - You are signing as a fiduciary (POA, Guardian, etc.).
    - The check is requested to be sent to an alternate address.
    - The address of record (AOR) has been changed within the last 30 days and 
       the requested delivery method is a check to the AOR (service can be used for EFT).

  • Do you know your contract number?
    You can find your contract information on any of your contract documents or in your online account. If you are not yet registered on our site and would like to, please
    click here.

  • Do you have all other applicable information related to your request
    on hand?
    You may want to view a PDF version of the form to be sure you have all the information required to complete your submission once you initiate an active request. To view a PDF version of the form, click on the name of the applicable form itself.

  • Do you have an electronic copy of a voided check?
    You will need to upload this if you request involves electing to receive funds via an electronic fund transfer to your checking account. Please have a copy of the check scanned and saved to your desktop prior to initiating a request.

  • Are you a financial representative initiating on behalf of a client?
    Once you click on the applicable financial representative link below, you will be required to enter both yours and all applicable parties' names and email addresses to initiate a request. Once you complete the required information, an email will be sent to all parties involved notifying them to review and sign the document. Everyone will receive an email indicating the request was submitted to John Hancock for processing once all signatures are received.

To get started:

Click on the applicable link below and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Please note once you enter your name and email on the first DocuSign screen and click "Begin Signing," you have initiated an active request.

You will receive a confirmation email once you complete all required information and submit the form successfully. 

Electronic Forms For Annuity Contracts
Enroll in the Automatic Investment Program and authorize automatic payments from your bank account.

Use this form to make beneficiary changes on an annuity contract.

Use this form to defer annuitization by extending a contract’s date of maturity up to age 100.

Request to step-up the income base associated with your Guaranteed Retirement Income Program (GRIP) rider to match your contract anniversary value.

Use this form if you have an optional Withdrawal Benefit Rider with an IRA or non-qualified annuity contract and would like to enroll in John Hancock's Income Made Easy Program.

If your contract is being issued in New York or was previously issued in New York and you are transferring money into it, this form must be completed, signed, dated and submitted in conjunction with your applicable form to satisfy New York Insurance Regulation 187.

Request a loan from your variable annuity contract.

Use this form to request that John Hancock calculate and make a one-time withdrawal or schedule recurring automatic withdrawals from an annuity contract to satisfy an IRS Required Minimum Distribution (RMD).  
Convert an existing John Hancock SIMPLE IRA, SEP IRA, traditional IRA, or other qualified plan to a Roth IRA.

Use this form to enroll in the Systematic Withdrawal Program for an IRA or non-qualified annuity contract.

Use this form to authorize withdrawals to be made over the telephone for the contract
owner(s) and the agent of record.

Use this form to authorize contract owner(s) and/or an agent of record to make telephone/electronic trades among various investment portfolios within a variable annuity contract.  

Use this form to request a partial withdrawal from an IRA or non-qualified annuity contract. 
Use this form to request a full termination from an IRA or non-qualified annuity contract. 
Use this IRS form to certify U.S. taxpayer identification status. May be requested in conjunction with certain John Hancock forms.



If you have questions on your variable annuity policy, please contact your financial representative or call 1-800-344-1029 for more information, including product and fund prospectuses that contain complete details on investment objectives, risks, fees, charges, and expenses as well as other information about the investment company, which should be carefully considered. Please read the prospectuses carefully as they contain this and other information on your policy and its underlying portfolios.



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Change of Owner and/or Beneficiary

Required Minimum Distribution

Systematic Withdrawal Program

Withdrawal Request

IRS Form W-9
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