Is my personal information secure?
Yes, each time you send or receive personal information on, a "secure connection" is established using Secure Socket Layer protocol (SSL). This encryption scrambles your personal information as it travels over the Internet from your browser to our secure Web server. Our website prohibits personal information to be transmitted unless a secure connection can be established. You may set your browser preferences to alert you every time you submit a non-encrypted form.


How do I check my contract information online?
Login to your account and click the "My Contract" tab on the left navigation menu. This will bring you to the Contract Details page which provides you with all the following information:

  • Your present and past contract value and portfolio values.
  • The amount of any surrender penalties on your policy, the surrender value, and the amount you withdraw from your policy before any surrender penalties would be charged to you if applicable.
  • Any special programs in which you may participate.
  • Your contractual designations: owner(s), annuitant(s) and beneficiary(ies).
  • All optional riders on the contract.
  • Transaction History of your contract.
  • eDelivery options.

How often is my online contract information updated?
All values are updated every business day and are calculated with the most recent market closing prices, usually the previous day's closing prices.


Can I change and update my personal contract information online?
You can change your current and future allocations by selecting the transaction from your drop-down menu in the Task Bar. Other changes, such as address changes, email settings, eDelivery settings, and more can be made from the "Contract Details" section which is outlined above.

Where can I find forms to make changes to my contract?
After you have logged into the site, select "Forms" from the menu located on the navigation menu. This option has the links to most of our forms. Simply select the form, view, and print.

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