Here is what to expect during the claim process:

Are You Eligible to File an Express Claim?

If you are filing a claim as an individual, you may be eligible for our Express Claims feature, which allows you to process a claim quickly and easily over the phone.

Visit the Express Claims section to review the requirements and determine if you are eligible.

If you are not eligible, please refer to the following steps for our traditional settlement process.

1. Notification

Deaths may be reported to John Hancock via telephone or through this site. Once we are notified, an Annuity Claim Representative validates the information and annuity contract details. In addition, to protect the beneficiary(ies), all activity on the annuity contract will be restricted until the claim is settled. Note that if you report a death on this site, you can elect to submit claim forms online.

2. Review Your Settlement Options
Our claim package is provided to the beneficiary(ies). This includes details on your settlement options and the necessary forms and information required to settle your claim. All beneficiary requirements for each settlement type are outlined on pages 3 and 4 of the claim package.

3. Submit Your Completed Forms
Beneficiaries return required claim settlement form(s) to John Hancock via fax at 1-617-663-3389 or via regular mail to John Hancock Annuities Service Center, PO Box 55444, Boston, MA 02205-5444 or PO Box 55445, Boston, MA 02205-5445 for contracts issued in the state of New York. If you received a claim package through the mail, a complimentary business reply envelope is included within this package. If you elected to submit your claim forms online, click the link provided and follow the step-by-step instructions.
4. John Hancock Validates Requirements
Our Annuity Claim Representatives reviews all submitted paperwork to ensure the required information has been provided. For items requiring attention, our representatives will contact each beneficiary directly to resolve any issues. Claims cannot be processed until each beneficiary has provided complete and accurate paperwork.

5. Your Claim is Settled
Once all paperwork is complete and received from all beneficiary(ies), the claim will be processed. Either we will send you a payment via the delivery method you elect or we will provide you with a confirmation letter with your new account information.


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